What we DO

We offer felt home decor and fashion accessories of superior quality, handmade by women in Kyrgyzstan.

We are an exporter and wholesaler of handmade felt products made in Kyrgyzstan. As a Kyrgyz-French owned company, we strive to increase the access to international markets for Kyrgyz felt producers and contribute to the sustainable development of the country by being committed to Fair Trade Principles.

DATKA works with local cooperatives, associations as well as independent artisans and brings their unique creations to a global market. We train artisans on upcoming trends and ensure quality standardization. 

OUR Story

Founders of DATKA, Fabien and Aigul, met several years ago in Afghanistan. Having worked in development and firm believers that sustainable economy grows from fair and ethical businesses, DATKA was born out of love and passion for the culture and traditions of Kyrgyzstan.

We aim to elevate the status of our favorite fiber – felt. For centuries, felt has been used by various nomadic groups of Central Asia, including the Kyrgyz. Believed to have health benefits as well as good luck omen by the Kyrgyz, we aim to bring the rich history of felt and felt making to your home. We work with local cooperatives, association as well as independent artisans all across the country. Our aim is to help increase the standard of living of our producers and ensure that the rich history of felt making passes from one generation to the next! 

Our values

Promote Sustainability

We promote sustainability in all our activities: the raw materials used in our products are sourced locally, from sustainably managed natural resource; we create and maintain long-term relations with the rural crafts cooperatives, and we communicate to our customers our engagement towards sustainable development.

Bolster Empowerment

We are committed to empower producers we work with, collaborating with them regularly to improve their skills, their access to markets and capital. Through our continuous training and scholarship program in the near future, we aim to offer new opportunities to Kyrgyz producers and local communities.

Foster Traditional Craftsmanship

For thousands of years, nomads of Central Asia have been making felt and transforming it into works of art and comfort. We embrace this heritage and work every day to conserve traditional craft techniques, and diffuse them from the Tien Shan highlands to the wide world.

Leverage Collective Creativity

We are lucky to be at the center of a network of gifted craftspeople and ardent customers, and we are working hard to leverage the collective creativity of all the talents we collaborate with on a daily basis.

Uphold Integrity

As advocates of the Fair Trade movement, we will uphold integrity in all our actions towards a sustainable activity. We promote fair and respectful working conditions for our suppliers and our employees, and we act in a transparent manner with all our stakeholders and partners.

Nurture Accountability

As promoters of sustainability and empowerment, we are accountable to our partners and our customers. It is not enough to do what we say, we also say what we do.

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